Speakers: Hamza Abid

Hamza Abid is a Palestinian refugee, born in Baqa’a Refugee Camp, Jordan. He is only 19 years old.

Baqa’a was just one of six “emergency” refugee camps which was set up in Jordan in 1968, to accommodate the Palestinian refugees and displaced persons, who left the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a result of the 1967 Arab-Israeli “six day” war.

Absolutely love God, will not hide who he is or where he is from, for he is not ashamed. Accordingly, he has true passion for helping others, wants to make a difference in people’s lives, hates stereotypes and gets along with everyone. He is hard-working, straightforward, strive for perfection, and in a battle with confidence.

His vision and mission in life is the key to how he lives his every day. He lives his life on the basis of becoming an experienced nurse who works to make a difference. He intends on achieving this goal by working hard and giving it his all in college. He is so interested in the field of Health Policy Administration. He is also planning to carry on his higher studies (Master  & PhD) in this area. Like many things in life, achieving this goal needs a lot of time and hard work.

Since he was just a kid, he showed a high understanding and awareness of what does it mean to be a refugee, and he was a role model for a lot of his colleagues in the school. Academically, he used to have the highest marks. Although he started learning English when he was in the 5th grade, he could improve his English from nothing and now he speaks English fluently.

Apart from being academically successful, he lived a true democratic experience in his school, through what is called the school parliament. He was able to achieve a lot of changes in the school system, and the teacher-student relationship.

Through workshops, summer camps and conferences, he increased his knowledge about democracy, civil participation, leadership and human rights and he became aware of the fact that “for a refugee living in a camp, the only way to keep him going on is to remember that you are just a refugee and you have to buy your freedom with your education, qualifications, and your academic achievement.”

In every part of the world, people struggle for freedom and justice. Refugees strengthen their identity by their pens and papers. A true democracy protects these minds and hands and motivates them for more and more by just giving them what they deserve. To wake up someday and look around, and feel that you are living in a new world, and you are not the only person who is trying to make a difference.


-      A 2nd year student nurse / Faculty of Nursing – University of Jordan, and will graduate by 2013.

-      Diploma in Free Expression / Free Expression Institute – Washington D.C – United States of America, 2007.

Essays & Researches:

  • How can our countries improve through the participation of youth in the civil society associations?
  • Public speaking. Does it worth that much of attention?
  • Does the media have the right to criticize the government during national emergencies?
  • The importance of students using their voice to make a difference in shaping public policy.
  • Why is there a medical insurance? Isn’t it enough to be a citizen in order to have a free access to the medical services with high quality of care?

Workshops & Conferences:

  • The International Students Festival in Trondheim ISFiT 2011, this coming February 2011. Main topic “Globalize this: Health”.
  • The 6th edition of the South American Business Forum 2010 / Buenos Aires – Argentina. August 2010. Main topic “Boosting our actions in the new decade.”
  • Human Rights & Leadership summer camp / ATC – UNRWA, Amman – Jordan. July 2007.
  • The summer camp for Orphan Boys number 33, in Amman Training Center (ATC). Orphan Welfare Association – Baqa’a Camp (OWA) in cooperation with UNRWA. Amman / Jordan. July 2007.
  • Leaders Preparation Workshop – Amman Training Center (ATC) / OWA & UNRWA, Amman – Jordan July 2007.
  • Al-Hassan Youth Award-Bronze Level – Amman – Jordan, April. 2007.
  • Youth Leadership Program on Free Expression – Exchange to the United States of America / Relief International – Schools Online / Feb. 2007.
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