Speaker: Mahmoud Al-Qudsi

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi is a twenty-two year-old Computer Engineering graduate from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. An enthusiastic technologist with a passion for new ideas and experimentation, he founded NeoSmart Technologies, a software Research & Development organization, in 2004 and has served since then as its Director. In that position, Al-Qudsi has developed a number of applications that have been downloaded and distributed over 25 million times.

A humanitarian at heart, Al-Qudsi is currently working on a number of projects aimed at making human-computer interaction easier and more accessible to the world’s blind and visually impaired, including technology that he hopes will someday give every visually impaired child in Jordan and around the world a chance to receive proper schooling and access to the riches of computers and the online world.

Al-Qudsi also holds the position of Senior Software Architect at Genie9, an Amman-based software company that is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of backup software. He also contributes to major open source projects in his free time.

Al-Qudsi and the software he has worked on have been featured in numerous magazines and publications over the years, including PC World, PC Magazine, CHIP, and others. Many companies including Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Norton use and recommend his software on a daily basis to their users.

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