Performer: Amanda Hamati

Amanda Hamati is a 16-year-old student at Modern Montessori School. She started singing when she was young at her school’s choir just as a hobby, but started taking it more seriously when she participated at her first talent show held at her school. The audience went crazy after her performance, which encouraged her to work hard because she’s got the potential.

Later with time Amanda started participating in talent shows, competitions, choirs, theater plays (Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables) and 99.6 talent show. Amanda also performed at the Amman’s Marathon. “Mazzik with Pepsi” is one of the big competitions that were held in Jordan; a competition that was 3 months long that made her gain a lot of experience and confidence and her voice improved a lot. She got first place with the rest of her band members which gave her band the chance to record their own single which was played on the radio for a while and the band got JD10,000.

Amanda was inspired by her brother and father when she was a child.

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