Speaker: Henna Al Khalili

Henna Al-Khalili is driven by her passion to create eco-friendly and sustainable habitats focusing on social entrepreneurship to empower woman and support communities.  She hopes to preserve the cultural identity of the communities she works with while promoting the best ecological practices, knowledge, health, awareness and sustainability.

As the founder of “7enna wa 6een”, Henna focuses on building ‘Eco-domes’ an alternative way towards building “Green” habitats using designs that are based on the timeless principles of “bio-mimicry” (From bios meaning life and mimesis, meaning to imitate,) which include the use of universal natural elements (earth, water, air and fire), the arch and its derivatives, along with green technology such as photovoltaic cells and other methods of producing sustainable energy.

Henna has been trained in California to build environmentally friendly houses and along with her degree in Optics and Orthoptics from University of Siena – Italy, she has the eye for detail and precision required to bring to life the natural geometry and symmetry of structures with the unity of tension and compression that act as the foundation of building eco-friendly communities.

Furthermore, Henna has worked in the fields of real estate, communications, interior design, architecture and landscaping. She has already completed several projects in Jordan and is expanding to reach more communities and build several eco-touristic resorts.


  • M.I.T. Enterprise Forum Arab Business Plan Competition: Semi-Finalist 2011
  • Member in the association “Architecture for humanity”
  • Member in the Development Center (BDC), the managing organization of EMPRETEC Jordan Program
  • Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women (JFBPW)
  • Member in Middle East Partnership Initiative Alumni Network (MEPI)
  • Member in Al Bayan Toast Masters (TMs) club (Arabic Toastmasters)
  • B.A Optics and Orthoptics from the University of Siena – Italy
  • Graduate school of political management at George Washington University