Performers: The Junior Band

The Junior Band, a group of young talented performers who share their passion for music. The band was formed two years ago, and performed in several private concerts for the Association. They play different types of music: Latin American, Oldies and Arabic.

Band Members

Abdallah 5asawneh - 23 yrs old, BA English Literature

Guitar: Haroon Jamil, 13 yrs old, Gr. 8

Piano - Dalia Khattab, 14 yrs old - Gr. 9

Alto Saxophone - Zaid Abu Hegleh, 10 yrs old - Gr. 5

Alto Saxophone : Yazan Jamil, 16 yrs old, Gr.

Drums : Qudoos Al Hitti, 16 yrs old - Gr. 10


Band Instructor

Ali Eid - Band Instructor