Speaker: Imad Naffa

Founder and President of NAFFA International of Fresno, CA, USA (www.NAFFAinc.com)

Imad was born in Amman, Jordan, attended Bishop’s High School in Jebel Amman, and moved to the US in 1980 to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. After graduating from Fresno State University in 1984, he began working in the fields of Building Codes, Plan Review, Disabled Access Standards, Earthquake (Seismic) Engineering, Fire and Life Safety Regulations.

In 2001, Imad founded NAFFA International, a consulting engineering firm that provides services to over 100 cities and counties throughout the US. NAFFA also develops web-based technical resources and forums used by international architects, engineers, consultants and building regulation officials..

Imad developed web-based award-winning multimedia software to simplify the use of the Building Codes, CodeBuddy, and a number of online forums and communities related to the building codes. The Building Code Discussions Group (BCDG) is one of Imad’s largest offerings used internationally by over 23,000 architects, engineers, builders, consultants, educators and building code officials.http://www.tedxdeadsea.com/?p=1516

Imad is a widely recognized US expert in the fields of International Building Codes, Fire and Life Safety regulations, Disabled Access/ADA and the Building Codes development process. He is a registered Civil Engineer in three states and has numerous certifications in building plan review, fire inspection; structural, disabled access, mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes plan review, inspections and training.

In 2007, Imad discovered the tremendous value of social media to share his technical expertise with a global audience and to interact and collaborate globally with like-minded individuals in technical fields related to the building codes, engineering, fire science, earthquake engineering and the development of building codes in different countries.

Social media allowed Imad to expand on his passion for discussions about diverse topics and information exchange. It also presented an outlet for Imad to present his building code web-based resources, such as the BCDG, to architects and engineers worldwide; who eventually became members, participants and collaborators of the technical forums.

Via social media, Imad reports on current and diverse topics of interest such as: World Affairs, Economies of the World, Cultural Topics, the Central Valley, California (where Imad lives), Financial News, Up-and-Coming Technologies, Twitter and Facebook, Social Media, Leed, Green, Clean Tech. and Solar. Imad is intrigued by the people, countries, current news and cultures of Jordan (his birth place), China, India and the rest of the BRIC; as well as the UAE and the Middle East; and you can find him talking about those countries frequently on social media.

Over the last three years, and through the use of social media, Imad developed friendships with intelligent, interesting, like-minded and culturally-diverse individuals located throughout the world. Last September, Imad was invited to present “ Across the Oceans- An Engineer’s Adventure”, at the TedxCanton Conference in Guangzhou, China.

Imad is one of the most followed engineers on Twitter, with 44,000 followers from six continents.

Imad has two sons, Jordan and Jacob, who are also studying civil engineering. Imad and his wife Loretta live in Fresno nestled comfortably in the San Joaquin Valley of California.