Speaker: Esraa Al Asasfeh

Esraa is a 19-year-old second-year student at the University of Mu’tah in Jordan, studying Medicine.

‪Esraa has been experimenting on certain scientific theories in the field of Pure Science. ‪She discovered these theories when she was only 14 years old, which she submitted to Jordanian universities, mainly her university, the Mu’tah University.

‪The Mu’tah University offered her some assistance despite her young age by allowing her to use their laboratories to carry out her work after school hours.

‪The five theories that she has invented are registered and protected by Jordan’s Intellectual Property Rights with the following authentication numbers:

Titles (Keys):

010 - “Dual Electric” – Physics.
0110 – “Device to reveal what they regard Alioneat” – Chemistry
‪101#1 – “Device physiological socialist system and device physiological separatist” – Medicine and Biology.
‪101#2 – “What if we relate? (Stimulate the digestion of cellulose).”
‪101#3 – “How to be a generator against the virus and antibody” (Radical cure for AIDS).

‪Esraa did all this work alone without any assistance from experts or specialists, to serve her country and mankind.

‪Esraa’s ambition and dream in life is to become the youngest pioneering Arab Muslim Physicist and Scientist, hoping that she can reestablish the glory of Muslim scientists and inventors historically. Esraa also hopes to be the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in either Physics or Chemistry.