Performers: Saja Maghasbeh

From the balmy depths of Ghor Al-Mazra3a, comes the unique voice of a 17-year-old Saja Maghasbeh.  Saja grew up from a close-knit family of eight members who have had the pleasure of her easing singing since she was five years old.  Growing up she enjoyed listening to Arab classics and singing along to Um Kalthoum and Warda Al Jaza’eeriy. She was captivated by the lyric, rhythms and voices.

As Saja grew, her love for singing grew with her.  Her family and teachers pushed her to develop this artistic talent.  Saja recalls her fourth grade math teacher encouraging her to sing, but she was shy and timid to sing in front of a live audience other than her family. So her teacher challenged her and told her to sing alone in front of the class. Her teacher was so impressed with her voice she requested for Saja to sing the song four times before the class.

Since then Saja has been singing at school activities, local festivals and the Ta3leeleh project. Later the Zikra Initiative launched a competition to discover Ghor’s hidden voices and to launch the first CD “Sawt Min Al Ghor” (Echoes for the Dead Sea) with lyrics inspired by the community and music by Aziz Maraka. Among the 30 participants, Saja’s unique voice stood out.

She captivated the attention of the jury from the beginning, winning second place in the competition. Since then the Zikra Initiative produced a CD staring Saja and two other winners. Saja worked with Aziz Maraka on her new hit single ?Ya Yomma,” a compelling conversation between a mother and her daughter on her wedding night.

Since then, Saja was introduced to the music industry- working with a composer, singing with a live band, developing stage presence, and undergoing the process of recording a single. She has also performed before Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah at the Ta3leeleh project and at the Nakhweh launch ceremony, an event attended by 300 people.

Saja’s passion for singing, her personal drive to develop her talent and her courage to stand in front of an audience made her a winner and the Initiative produced an album with her representing her community.