Speakers: Mohammed Alhajji

Mohammad is an IT graduate with an MBA degree from NYIT University in Amman, Jordan. He is currently an Internal Auditor for Aramex. He grew up with the passion of bringing things back to life, using any materials available around him to build things; he tends to do this at his free time as a hobby.

Having the childhood ambition and traveling to many countries as part of his job enlightened him to look at things from a different perspective, leading to a dream that all people should become aware of: the importance of waste being recycled and turned into useful and beautiful objects.

Mohammad thought he should do something about it, so during the year 2007, he took the first steps and started building products out of waste materials.He also gave awareness classes and workshops on how to design recycled products “as a part-time job”.

With the concern about the environment, community and art; Mohammad decided to merge all these elements under one scope, so during 2010he contributed to the community by sending his message and teaching the youth of Ruwwad (a non-profit organization with the specific intent of putting entrepreneurship in the serviceof community development) to interact and turn the wastes around them into functional outcomes.

As a winner in ‘Ideas festival 2010’, he was given the chance to move on to another level, by turning the idea into a real mission, thus the birth of ‘Zawayed’;using waste materials to shape products which has always been around us but never been shaped artistically.

Believing that everyone can make a difference, he was determined to start the change; through engaging the community to use all kinds of waste and turning them into artistic product line, gifts and furniture.