Speakers: Dr. Zaid Ghazzawi

Dr. Zaid Ghazzawi conducted his education in a traditional way by completing a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Surrey (UK). But during His Ph.D. he started re-evaluating the way education is done in the world and contemplating the idea that education can by made much better by adopting a completely different approach compared to what people are accustomed to.

The basic premise of Dr. Ghazzawi’s approach to education is to find direct solutions to real life problems facing people by turning to the verses of The Quran by pondering upon them to deduce knowledge that can be implemented to solve these problems facing people.

The novelty of Zaid’s approach is the use of The Quran in this never before seen way to learn knowledge which can be practicality implemented to find solutions for problems such as: Ineffective earthquake resistant structures, Traffic congestions, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), reduced efficiency of solar panels, etc.

Some key points that distinguish Dr. Ghazzawi’s approach to people’s way of education are the following:

  • Based on deep thinking and not memorization.
  • Ability to gain answers to difficult problems in a matter of minutes compared to years spent in schools and universities.
  • Gaining correct knowledge from the creator thus nullifying the trial and error approach, which is widely adopted in today’s education.
  • No prerequisites are required in the person wanting to learn in this proposed “Quranic Way”, prerequisites such as having a university degree of any kind.

Dr. Zaid Ghazzawi gave many public talks in both Jordan and England in order to teach this new kind of education to people, more than 800 videos on YouTube in both Arabic and English, 500 audio lectures, numerous written articles and books, and the effort is continuing in this regard which highlights that Dr. Ghazzawi believes full heartedly in this new kind of education based on The Quran.