Speakers: Rawan Ababneh

Rawan Ababneh is the Executive Director of Friends of the Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in the Middle East & North Africa (Friends MENA).

Rawan has accumulated 15 years of experience in project management.  By working with (UNICEF) and managing the creation of participatory democratic structure, additionally worked with the USAID funded Jordanian Tourism Development Project by leading the National Tourism Public Awareness Campaign, and managed Naseej- Youth Development project in Jordan and Lebanon.

Rawan in the capacity of Advisor and accredited trainer; she conducted different missions in the Middle East and North Africa with credible local entities and with the regional offices of the UN agencies and others such as ILO, UNDP, CEDPA, & UNICEF  on Business Management,  socio-economic development, Leadership,  developed  business plans for development councils  and  manual for the garment /textile, and did many assessment studies and researches in Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia,Dubai, Iraq and Egypt. This wide missions and training experience enhanced Rawan’s understanding of the Arabic nature, traditions and habits that shape their opinions and professional performances.