Speakers: Muna Awad

Education has always been a priority in Muna Awad’s life, as a source of continuous personal growth. Muna grew up in a household that appreciated talent and creativity and provided her with the tools to excel in formal education. As a result of this support, Muna is an accomplished singer and musician, playing the keyboard, Oud and guitar.

Her father also is an inspiration as the founder of the Modern Language Center, established in 1970 as the premier Jordanian institute to learn English. Completing her Master’s degree in Education at Bath University in England recently provided an opportunity to paint a new vision of how parents and communities can positively support children in their life education.

Muna is currently the Life Education Advancement and Development (LEAD) Director for Challenger Team with a mission to inspire, enrich the lives of and enable youth and adults to realize their full potential as productive leaders and caring citizens. Before joining Challenger Team, Muna worked for over four years as a private tutor for the Royal family. Muna also was a primary Arabic and English teacher at the Modern Language Center and International School of Chweifat and an early childhood specialist trainer at the Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID).

Muna is currently developing a workshop to engender positive parenting skills in Jordan and a corresponding toolkit that will include musical CDs, DVDs, interactive workbooks and activities to create healthy and positive family atmospheres and relationships that support creative education methods. Muna believes that flexible thinking paradigms and the ability to understand other perspectives are keys to a fulfilling life.