Speakers: Maha Darwish

Maha Darwish: Has a BA in English literature and a BA in Music. Established the NGO IBDAA with a group of creative and hardworking women, and is currently the Head of the organization. IBDAA is an organization that adopts and supports talented and creative students whose ages range between 5 and 20 years old. Through the first two years of the establishment, IBDAA adopted 40 students in different fields:

  • Scientific: helped those who approached new discoveries.
  • Art: published books for young writers.
  • They have sent creative students to participate in conferences outside Jordan, and pushed them to go to international competitions.
  • Established a music center and adopted talented students who became fantastic musicians and composers.
    • Special care is given to special need students especially those with down syndrome who proved to be fantastic musicians due to their high sensitiviy.
  • Employed Taffakur (the first program of its kind in Arabic that focuses on creativity and positive thinking) in refugee camps to unleash the creativity of the children and develop positive behavior.

Maha is also an active member in voluntary work all around Jordan.