Become a Sponsor

TEDxDeadSea is a not-for-profit endeavor licensed by TED and created by a community of passionate Jordanians for the purpose of bringing our community into the international community of TED enthusiasts. We want to add our voices to the global dialogue and we need your help to do that.

With a focus on quality not quantity, TEDxDeadSea is looking for a select group of corporations who have innovative objectives to sponsor our events.

As a sponsor for TEDxDeadSea, not only would you have the opportunity to be a visible and integral part of a dynamic event, you would also:

  • Invest in the creation of a community that believes in the power of unique ideas
  • Bring together corporations and individuals who want to be catalysts for remarkable ideas and initiatives
  • Leverage ideas, technologies, design and education to help create a better future
  • Access a significant number of like-minded members of the public through virtual real-time coverage
A conference of this scale costs money. To become a sponsor of TEDxDeadSea or for any sponsorship enquiries, please email us at